Common vaccine types and recommended epidemic prevention procedures

Common vaccine types and recommended epidemic prevention procedures

Common vaccine types and recommended epidemic prevention procedures
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The medical examination before the vaccination of the dog

Physical health refers to the state of non -disease. The dog's nasal mirrors are wet and cool, body temperature, breathing and heart function. Clinically, symptoms such as increased body temperature, cough, sneezing, vomiting, diarrhea, diarrhea, dysuria, dry nasal mirrors, and thickened feet; Cause disease.

epidemic prevention procedure :

1. Domestic Dog Wusheli Vaccine

(Prevent rabies virus, canine plague virus, dog sub -flu virus, canine infectious hepatitis virus, small virus virus)

Puppies: From the date of breast milk, they have been injected 3 times in a continuous interval for 3 weeks.

Successful dogs: Continuously injected twice a year, each time interval for 2-3 weeks.

2. Spanish Hable Inu vaccine ------------------/strong>

(Prevention of small virus disease, dog plague, dog contagious hepatitis, canine infectious laryngeal bronchitis, canine bronchitis, hemorrhagic jaundice hook end spiral disease, dog hook end spiral disease)

Puppies: 8 weeks of age immunity, 12 weeks of age immunity.

Pacific: once a year.

3. French Merlia Youlikon Vaccine Eurican DHPPI2-LR ---------------/Strong>

(Sixlon seedlings prevent canine plague, infectious hepatitis, small virus virus, adenovirus type 2, sub -fluid cold, mixed infection of the hook end spiral body.

Puppies: 7-8 weeks of age (six united), the second time of 11-12 weeks (six united), and the third time at 14-15 weeks (seven couplets).

Cheng Dog: Once a year (seven couplets).

4. Intelway Vaccine Vaccine/Six Lianli/Seven Lianlian Miao

(Prevention of canine plague, small virus disease, canine infectious hepatitis, auxiliary influenza, canine II adenovirus.)

Puppies: 8 weeks of age immunization (hexagonal seedlings), the second time of 11 weeks (Seven United Miao)

Pacific: once a year

The above vaccine types and immune procedures are for reference only. For details, please consult during purchase, or read the instructions in detail!

The reaction of the dog after vaccination

Under normal circumstances, after the vaccination is vaccinated, the dog will not have a big physical change. The second day after the vaccination is vaccinated, the dog has a temporary phenomenon that is unwilling to move and poor appetite, and it will return to normal soon. If the dog is rash within 10 to 20 minutes after the vaccine is injected, and even if it is weak, it is allergic. The veterinarian should be asked to rescue immediately.

Clinically, the use of imported dogs hexal seedlings rarely appear adverse reactions. For the sake of safety, 10 minutes after the dog was vaccinated, the owner should stay in the animal hospital to observe the dog's reaction, and then leave the animal hospital without abnormal phenomena.