Common causes of diarrhea in dogs

Common causes of diarrhea in dogs

Common causes of diarrhea in dogs
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The puppy's stomach is very delicate, because the digestive system is very delicate, and it also lacks a lot of digestive enzymes. It is easy to cause indigestion when the puppy is less than three months old or pure meat. If the digestion is not good, it will be thinner. If he will pull the thinner and thinner, it will be very dangerous.

Therefore, the cat dad and dogs must treat the situation of the little guy carefully. Under the premise of being convinced that the family environment and food can be guaranteed to be hygienic, the puppy has been immune), stop feeding cans and can be canned. Foods that are not digested with meat, feed two slices of lactase at a time, and just two or three times a day, so that one day will be effective.

In addition, in this case, you can also try "Mommy Love" (Multi -Miramotacles, pharmacies can be bought for babies.), Use a small tube at a time Feed, twice a day, the effect is the same as using lactase. There is also this effect of "whole intestines". Three of them can be convenient to choose one. If you need it, you can control your diet. You can hungry for about 1 day first, and do not feed each meal in the future. Let her gastrointestinal conditional conditional treatment of this situation should not be nervous, focusing on adjusting.

Dog Reasons: Enteritis

The symptoms are that in addition to dilute, the dog's mental state is not good, and the body temperature rises. In this case, the symptoms of dogs are very similar to dog contagious enteritis (canine plague). After determining that dogs have been immune, they can be treated according to the following methods. Otherwise, please go to the hospital for diagnosis as soon as possible.

You can take galcolin injections orally. Pharmacy is commonly packed in 80,000 units, drinking 20,000 units each time, twice a day. It should be noted that after taking the celebration for more than half an hour, you need to feed the dogs with some grophicals of living bacteria, such as lactase and mummy love to help cats restore digestion.

You can also go to the pharmacy to buy "Smecta" to stop diarrhea for dogs. It is different from Qingda that it is a physical method to bring bacteria out of the body.

Reasons for Dog Lamous: Parasitic

You need to take medicine to fight insects. It is best to go to the hospital for a inspection and then targeted medication. In addition, because of the dilutes caused by parasites, blood wires may be seen in BB. Conversely, if you see such a BB, it is best to test it. It is recommended to repel this phenomenon every three months to completely eliminate this phenomenon!

The most important thing for dogs to be diluted is to pay attention to his mental state and appetite. If there is no difference between peace when he is peaceful, you can adjust the stomach and intestines. The treatment of enteritis or go to the hospital for examination.

Reasons for Dog Lamous: Cool

During the season, the temperature is alternate, and many dogs are prone to diluted phenomena. Generally speaking, as long as its spirit, appetite is peaceful, there is nothing to consider that the weather changes suddenly, and the reason for cooling will cause diluted reasons. It is necessary to keep the dog warm and regulate his digestion appropriately.