Causes of canine tracheal collapse

Causes of canine tracheal collapse

Causes of canine tracheal collapse
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Dog tracheal collapse is also a more common disease in clinical practice. The symptoms of their manifestations usually have frequent cough, poor exercise endurance, dyspnea, high breathing sound, and may even endanger the safety of dogs' life safety. Essence If the dog still has a heart disease, the situation will be worse, then what are the causes of the canine's trachea collapse? Let's find out.

Causes of the collapse of the canine gas pipe

A study shows that the tracheal collapse of the canine is due to the lack of chondroar sulfate in the canine. Ku Xing's disease (hyperthyroid adrenal function) can cause weakened tracheonian cartilage structure. Some evidence shows that more than 50%of the tracheal collapse is due to the gradual weakness of the tracheal cartilage and the trachea continues to collapse.

Clinical characteristics of the collapse of canine air pipes

1. Yanming inhalation is a typical feature

2. Cough will become severe due to the heat, excitement, and exercise.

3. It may be fainted due to hypoxia

4. Exercise intolerance

According to the degree of tracheal collapse, it is divided into level 1, level 2, 3, and level 4.

Level 1: 25%of the trachea collapse.

Level 2: 50%of the trachea collapse.

Level 3: 75%of the trachea collapsed.

Level 4: 100%of the trachea collapse.