Can a dog die if it eats chocolate? The result is surprising!

Can a dog die if it eats chocolate? The result is surprising!

Many shovel officers like to eat chocolate, and the satisfaction after eating can make them feel happy. Can such delicious food be shared with dogs? The cautious master will ask a question mark in his mind. However, if you are asked < strong > will dogs die if they eat chocolate < /strong >, many people will think that this is a rumor, just a piece of chocolate, even if it is not suitable for dogs, it will not kill them. If you feel the same way, it will be very dangerous.

Can a dog die if it eats chocolate? The result is surprising!

< strong>1. Will dogs die if they eat chocolate < /strong >

Many foods are delicious and enjoyable for humans, but for dogs, they are nothing less than poison, and chocolate is a "sweet poison". < strong > Will dogs die if they eat chocolate < /strong >? Yes! This is because it contains caffeine and theobromine, and because the dog's body structure and digestive system are different from those of humans, there is no way to excrete these things. Their existence will cause dogs to have vomiting, diarrhea, nervous excitement and other abnormal phenomena, and even lead to dogs' shock or death.

Although some large dogs eat a small amount of chocolate, there will be no obvious reaction in the short term, but it's just a fluke. For dogs, especially small dogs, never give them chocolate.

< strong>2. How to deal with the dog eating chocolate by mistake < /strong >

If the shovel officer doesn't pay attention to giving chocolate to the dog, what can we do to win time to save the dog? The premise is that the dose of chocolate eaten by the dog is not large, and it is necessary to ensure that it is sent to a professional hospital at the first time. There are still many things we need to do before seeing the doctor.

First of all, it is necessary to know which kind of chocolate dogs eat by mistake, because dark chocolate contains more substances harmful to dogs. If the puppy eats white qiao, the risk will be reduced. At the same time, try to find the chocolate packaging bag and bring it to the hospital together so that doctors can make more accurate judgments and win time for saving dogs. Finally, pay attention to how much chocolate the dog has eaten, in other words, how much poison he has eaten by mistake.

< strong>3. What should we pay attention to when feeding dogs < /strong >

In addition to the question < strong > will dogs die if they eat chocolate < /strong >, it is more important to establish a sense of feeding dogs: not all foods that humans can eat are suitable for dogs. With this kind of awareness, it will reduce a lot of damage to dogs caused by food.

It is not so easy for a shovel officer to feed a puppy. He must be responsible and patient. Now that we know < strong > will dogs die if they eat chocolate < /strong >, I believe everyone will pay more attention in the future feeding process. In addition to not taking the initiative to give the dog chocolate, we should also pay attention not to place it everywhere, so as to avoid the dog eating by mistake.