Be careful when you give your dog traditional holiday food.

Be careful when you give your dog traditional holiday food.

Baggi Dog

Chinese traditional festivals have been valued from ancient times to the present, and every family has been here to this day. Due to the improvement of living standards, pets have entered millions of households. The owners do not forget to share with dogs while enjoying the traditional festival delicious food. So can the traditional festival food dogs really eat it?

1. Moon cakes of the Mid -Autumn Festival

The main ingredients of moon cakes are flour, sugar, oil, etc., and its calories are very high. Therefore, moon cakes are called "three highs" foods, namely high -oil, high sugar, and high -fat foods. It is not only difficult to digest, but also hinders the absorption of other foods and leads to food accumulation and stagnation.

Although moon cakes are good, it is best not to give dogs. Pet dogs eating moon cakes will be unfavorable to health. Clinically, they often encounter dogs and vomiting and loss of appetite after eating moon cakes. Secondly, moon cakes usually contain fruit kernels, peanuts, etc. These infection are usually not easy to digest, causing appetite problems. Some foods, such as grapes, may still have poisoning. Furthermore, although pets are not as worried about "weight loss" as people, they also have concerns. The soft moon cake residue will be stranded in the teeth, and it will slowly affect the health of the dog's teeth.

Be careful when you give your dog traditional holiday food.

Can sugar -free moon cake dogs be eaten

Since the traditional moon cake cannot be eaten for dogs, can the "sugar -free moon cake" for the elderly and diabetic people be given to the dog? In fact, "sugar -free moon cake" does not mean that it is not sweet, but it does not contain sucrose and glucose. It is replaced by sugar such as xylitol and maltol. Moon cakes made of beever alcohol, maltol, etc. will indeed be healthier than traditional moon cakes, and it is also possible for people with diabetes. However, dogs are different from people, and the tolerance of these foods is different. American veterinarians have studied foods containing pyroseol may cause dog liver failure. Therefore, "sugar -free moon cakes" containing lignol should not be eaten for dogs, which is more harmful than traditional moon cakes.

In summary, although the commercially available moon cakes are delicious, it is not conducive to the health of the dog. It is better not to eat it. If you eat it, you can buy a dog special moon cake or some other snack foods. May dogs have a healthy and happy Mid -Autumn Festival.

Moon cakes are oily and sugar, and it should not be eaten too much ~ It is also reminded parents that moon cakes should not be paired with drinks such as soda or juice with high sugar at the same time. While eating moon cakes, you must reduce the intake of rice and fat, or eat more grapefruit rich in vitamin C and cellulose.


Two, dumplings in the Dragon Boat Festival

1. The commercially available meat dumplings or other sinking rice dumplings are usually added with ingredients (liquor, soy sauce and other spices), or too much sodium salt is not suitable for dogs. Severe diluted, vomiting, anemia, poisoning and other phenomena occur. If you want your dog to be full of mouth, it is best not to buy commercially available rice dumplings. You can make glutinous rice and rice mixed with rice, chicken, lamb and other rice dumplings for your dogs. Essence

2. Before feeding, you can be divided into small portions, and then feed the dogs. You can mechanically chopped food to help the dog digestion.

3. For dogs who are always gobbled in dinner, it is best not to feed its dumplings. Because the number of chewing of the food group in the mouth will increase the burden on the stomach, the incidence of indigestion will greatly increase.

4. If you are made of dumplings made of nuclear red dates, you must keep it well. Do not let your dogs steal. If you swallow it by mistake, the dates will not be digested.

5. When the owner eats the dogs to eat rice dumplings, pay attention to the temperature of the rice dumplings. The normal temperature is sufficient. Do not overheat. Excessive heat will hurt the dog's gastrointestinal and intestines. Digestion will be diluted or vomiting. The dumplings in the family should keep it properly, and avoid dogs stealing cold rice dumplings.

6. When eating rice dumplings, you can use small apples, cucumber, carrots and other fruits or vegetables to help gastrointestinal motility and increase gastrointestinal digestion. Be careful not to match cold fruits such as watermelon.

7. After the dog eats the rice dumplings, the owner needs to check whether there are residual rice grains or minced meat on the dog's teeth. Pay attention to wipe clean and prevent the production of tartar.


Three, the Spring Festival dumplings

Dogs can cause poisoning after eating foods containing onions or green onions, and onions and green onions are ingredients that often appear in dumplings. Onions and green onions contain spicy flavor volatilization oil N-propyl sulfide or sulfide acrylic. Such substances are not easily heated and damaged. The content of old onions and green onions is more.

After 1-2 days of dog poisoning, the most distinctive manifestations are reddish or red-brown urine. For those with mild poisoning, the symptoms are not obvious. Sometimes they are not in good spirits, poor appetite, and liberated red urine. The poisoning is more serious, the expression is gloomy, the appetite is not good or abolished, the walking is staggered, unwilling to move, like to lie, the eye conjunctiva or the oral mucosa is yellow, the heart fights, the breath, the weak, the darkened red or red brown brown Urine, normal or decreased body temperature, and severe poisoning can cause death.

Once the dog is found to be poisoned, the owner should immediately stop feeding onions or green onion foods, apply antioxidants vitamin E to support the therapy for infusion, supplement nutrition; give the appropriate amount of diuretic, promote the discharge of hemoglobin in the body, and hemolytic dogs that cause severe anemia, can Perform intravenous blood transfusion treatment, 10-20ml per kilogram of weight.

Qing Tuan

Four, Qingming Festival

1. The main ingredients of making the Youth League are glutinous rice. Glutinous rice is a very difficult digestive food, and the Youth League is very sticky. Dogs are swallowed when eating such foods In terms of, it is undoubtedly to make the digestive system "worsen the snow";

2. Pancreatitis and gastritis affected dogs are strictly prohibited from eating the youth group, because the glutinous rice in the youth group will cause the recurrence or worsening of these inflammation;

3. Diabetic dogs are fasting in the Qing Tuan, and the Youth League contains a lot of sugar. Now the sugar contained in the new product of the new product launched by merchants is "increasing day by day".

4. Dogs with cholecystitis and gallstones should not be consumed, and they may aggravate the condition due to indigestion.


Five, the dumplings of the Lantern Festival

It is best not to eat it for dumplings! Because it is not eaten, it is swallowing! Because of the slippery belly, because it was slippery, but not staying in the stomach, he got into the intestine, where it became accumulated, but it was still there for ten and a half months. If you must eat it, you can use chopsticks to pinch the dumplings of the size of your fingers and drink plenty of water after eating. But the following dogs should not eat dumplings.

1. Dogs with high blood sugar and hyperlipidemia should not be eaten.

2. Dogs with pancreatic and gallbladder should not be eaten.

3. Dogs with poor digestive function should not be eaten.

Note: No matter which traditional festival, when feeding dogs and eating festivals, the food should be fresh, the quantity should be limited, and the size should be moderate. It is very harmful, and eating these difficult foods can be more likely to cause gastrointestinal burden. So safety must be put first.