Basic methods of dog training

Basic methods of dog training

Basic methods of dog training
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No matter what kind of dog we keep, it will always involve the problem of training, because if a dog is not trained well, it will cause great trouble. The same well-trained dog can make you worry a lot, and often training dogs is a process of communication between owners and them, which can promote our feelings. So let's talk about the basic methods of dog training.

1. The purpose of training is to "teach", not "scold". The best way is to praise and pet frequently, so that the dog can understand the owner's happy mood.

2. In order for dogs to understand and remember, it is best to use short and clearly pronounced sentences for passwords during training, and it is not advisable to say them repeatedly. When giving orders, avoid being loud or angry. Because dogs are very sensitive, the above practices will make dogs gradually associate scolding with training. In addition, the same password should adopt different tone for dogs with different temperaments.

3. Praise the dog only when the dog is very obedient. If you praise a dog easily, it will confuse him, and he doesn't know when he can get a compliment. In this way, the key training is difficult to carry on.

4. Don't punish dogs easily, even if they behave badly, don't use such rude means, because dogs are also wary, which will make them afraid of you slowly, thus failing to achieve the training effect.

5. Dogs are not animals that can be remembered and obeyed immediately after being taught once or twice. It needs to gradually form memory in the process of constant training. Therefore, breeders are required to be patient and train it constantly.

The training of dogs is a gradual process, not a one-off process, so owners must be patient when training dogs, don't punish their dogs easily, and encourage them more so that they can learn better.