Analysis of a case of death caused by intestinal foreign bodies in dogs

Analysis of a case of death caused by intestinal foreign bodies in dogs

Writing this article, first, in order to commemorate the dead golden retriever, I hope it will live a happier life in heaven and have a partner to play with her; second, take a warning, ask the owner to take care of his baby carefully.

When we persuade every parent to wear a leash when they go out, some parents always say that they don't eat anything outside, they don't pick up things to eat outside, and they are very obedient and obedient. However, this is not the case.

Golden Retriever (details)

Case Information:

Golden Retriever Duoduo Five and a half months old Extreme anemia Feeling weak and limp Vomiting times unknown No bowel movements for a few days Unknown body temperature above 40 degrees for at least three days Shortness of breath, shallow and short Involuntary salivation

Chief Complaint: I was ill for 3 days and treated in another hospital for 3 days, but no improvement

Palpation: Abdominal foreign body, no obvious intra-abdominal fluid (no B-ultrasound)

X-ray examination: Except for obvious rectal feces, foreign bodies in the bowel (indicated by the arrow)

Analysis of a case of death caused by intestinal foreign bodies in dogs

Intestinal foreign body

Blood tests:
Crisis (severe hemolysis of red blood cells on microscopic examination)

Biochemical tests:Not done

Disposal suggestion: Local anesthesia was recommended (the owner disagreed), and the owner agreed after persuasion.

The abdominal cavity was opened after local anesthesia: The abdominal cavity was exuded of putrid viscous fluid, the abdominal wall was exuded with fibrin, and the peritoneum was corroded, and the intact peritoneum and omentum could not be seen; the intestinal tube was edematous and very brittle,

Disposal: Irrigation, anti-inflammatory, removal of intra-abdominal dirt, lower drainage tube, daily flushing, postoperative anti-inflammatory.

Filth and Piercing

Foreign body

After a day of rescue, it ended in death.

Golden Retriever (details)

Through the golden retriever, I want to say only one sentence, please carefully observe the words and behaviors of pets, and seek medical attention immediately if any abnormality is found.

Analysis of intestinal foreign bodies:

Intestinal foreign body is a relatively common clinical disease, mainly due to the ingestion of some non-food, such as towels, bones, wooden sticks, hair, grass stalks, etc. Small dogs also often appear in the intestines of hazelnuts and bamboo sticks.

Tip:The owner often picks up food and sundries when he takes his pet for a walk. Please stop it in time or go to the pet school for behavior correction training, and keep the leash on the leash at all times.

According to the rough statistics of the pet hospital, there are at least 8-10 cases of gastrointestinal discomfort and intestinal obstruction caused by eating foreign bodies every month, and at least 5-8 cases of car accidents caused by the owner's lack of traction every month.

Similarly, the veterinary industry needs to promote the promotion of correct knowledge, scientific feeding, correct behavior correction, etc., because our responsibility is to relieve animal suffering and make the most contribution to human and animal health.

A lot of gone, leaving us is to think.

What is the purpose of our pets?

Do we really understand it?

Do we really love it?

When misfortune happens, is it useful for us to blame ourselves?

Life is gone.

Let us love it for a lifetime, understand it for a lifetime, and accompany us with it for a lifetime!

Cherish life, cherish every creature that appears in the process of life!