A case of exophthalmos caused by trauma

A case of exophthalmos caused by trauma

With a favorite pet, you do not lead the rope. In addition to the occurrence of a car accident, it is also very easy to cause fighting between pets. Some breeds of dogs are out of the eyeballs caused by fighting. The characteristics and its treatment methods.

1. Features

Most of the eyeballs are fighting and car accidents. Short -headed dogs such as Jingba dogs, bullfighting dogs, Shih Shi dogs, and jealous dogs are prone to occur.

2. Incotional mechanism

The head blunt trauma, post -eye bleeding, orbital bone fracture or inhibitory eyeballs cause the animal eyeballs to severely exceed the orbital bone and eyelids. Once shifted, the eyelid contraction and the spasm of the orbicis muscle in the interior will prevent Progressive eyeballs can cause eye muscle injury, venous stasis, conjunctiva edema, conjunctival hemorrhage, and dry keratin.

The short -headed dog is easy to get out of the eyeball due to its lighter orbit and the prominent eyeballs, or the bite fighting of animals.

Three, Classification of Disposal

1. Gently cut out, the eyeball is one -fifth of the entire eye.

2. Moderate out of the eye, the section of the eyeball out of the eye is two -fifth of the entire eye.

3. Dalring out, the eyeball from the eyeball is three fifths of the entire eyes and all out of the eye.

The dog's eyeballs caused by the fight are removed, and most of the eyeballs are removed from the outside of the eye.

Fourth, after the process of treatment

1. Reset after getting off

What kind of resetting is depending on the time of the eyeball and the degree of damage to the eyeball. After the eyeball is removed, the eye vision that does not represent damage can also be recovered. After the eyeball is removed, the optic nerve will be pulled under the action of external forces, and it may occur. If the optic nerve breaks, the vision cannot be recovered even if the reset is successful. The key factor of successful reset depends on whether the eye muscles are broken. Generally, it is minor, and the breakout time is suitable for resetting. When it happened, the edema and hematoma behind the eyeball did not occur. The reset was relatively simple, and the damage to the eyes was relatively small during reset.

2. Do not reset after getting out, eyeball removal

In some cases, the case of eyeball rupture or crystal dislocation, vitreous dislocation, severe infection, and severe corneal necrosis are not necessary to reset.

3. Eye reduction

After using Shu Tai Mimi to induce anesthesia, the tracheal intubation breathing anesthesia is performed.

A case of exophthalmos caused by trauma
After inducing anesthesia, wait for the tracheal intubation. You can wash off the stolen goods outside the eyeball and keep the eyeballs moist. Intravenous veins can be treated with corticosteroids, which can prevent optic neuropathy and orbital edema.

In another injury to the eyeballs, the upper and lower eyelid removal and sterile treatment around the eye. After disinfection, the whole body anesthesia and shrink the eyelids.

Use the eyelid or surgery handle to gently press the eyeball to give it a backward force to perform temporary eyelid sutures, and do 3-4 sutures to reduce pressure. If the cornea is complete, you can give Adop products , Antibiotics and corticosteroids, hot compresses after 24 hours after surgery, can help relieve local swelling, and can also be given analgesic drugs. Disassemble the bonding margin for 10-28 days.

After the reset, the stitched eyes are ready to take the intubation waiting to wake up.

5. Nursing in injury

1. For the owner, if this happens unfortunately, first of all

2. If conditions permit, the owner can quickly push the eyeball back to the eyebrows, which can greatly reduce the damage caused by the eyeball, increase the chance of success in the eyeball, and the possibility of vision recovery. At the beginning of the injury, the edema and infection behind the eyes had not yet appeared, which was a suitable opportunity for eye -catching.

3. If the reset cannot be completed, then take it to the hospital as soon as possible after the injury. In the process of being sent to the hospital, keep your eyes moist as much as possible.

4. Regardless of the cause of eye injury, it is essential to check the whole body and detailed consultation before resetting anesthesia.