12 life rules that dogs should remember

12 life rules that dogs should remember

12 life rules that dogs should remember

Pekingese (details)

Owning a dog is a happy thing, but it is said that there are no rules and no circles. The same is true for dogs. If you don't have a good education, it will bring endless trouble to the owner, so let the dog remember it from now on.

1. Defecation rules:

Hygienic feeding to prevent odor, if you keep a dog indoors, please cultivate the habit of puppy defecation.

2. Rules for walking:

Don't let the dog walk in front of the owner, let it walk on the left side of the owner. It is best to change the walking time and route every day. Within three months after the puppy is born, it can grow freely at home, and it will be four months old.

It should be a man walking with a dog, but it is often seen that some people are dragged away by the dog on the road.

3. Make the dog social:

Let the dog remember the social rules and strive to win the love of people and other dogs. It is not good to be overly spoiled. It should be in contact with dogs with the same mood as raising children, and families with several dogs at the same time are another matter.

4. Boxed training:

You don't have to worry about traveling together or watching the house alone. Don't give the dog the impression of being locked up. You've discussed with your family what to do when you let the dog watch the house alone or when a guest who hates dogs comes to visit.

5. Stop picking up things on the road: To prevent eating rotten or poisonous things, tighten the rope when the dog is about to pick up food that has fallen on the ground.

6. Stop barking at the doorbell: Don't let the roar disturb the neighbors, use tape to record the doorbell and let friends help ring the doorbell, let the dog understand that barking is futile

7. Let it remember the room it cannot enter: In order not to make a bad impression on the annoying guest, blame it as soon as it is about to enter the room

8. Don't let it bark casually: In order not to cause trouble to the neighbors and let the dog and human coexist peacefully, find out the reason for the barking

9. Stop the bad habit of biting things: In order not to let the dog damage things

10. Eating rules: Give the dog what he wants to eat, it will cause harm to his health

11. Upbringing in public housing: Considering there are people who hate dogs, don't let it go

12. Rules for housekeeping alone: In order to prevent the dog from being naughty with the things in the room (such as garbage baskets)