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Custom Gene Ordering

This application guides you through the process of creating a custom gene list. When your list has been finalized, the application generates a unique gene list ID and emails it to you along with instructions for including it in your test order.

  1. Start Getting Started
  2. Step 1 Select Disease State
  3. Step 2 Select Starting Panel
  4. Step 3 Customize Gene List
  5. Step 4 Review Gene List
  6. Step 5 Finalize Gene List
  7. Step 6 Ordering Instructions

Getting Started

The steps to create a custom gene list are included below.

  1. Select a disease state. Only genes for the selected disease state are available to be added to or deleted from the gene list.
  2. Select a subpanel under the selected disease state to begin your gene list. You can add multiple subpanels to your list but must select one to begin the process.
  3. Customize your gene list by adding and deleting genes as needed.
  4. Review your gene list. Review Test
  5. Finalize your gene list. Finalizing the gene list generates an email that includes a gene list ID. Include this gene list ID when you place your order.
  6. Review instructions to complete your order.


For assistance with the Gene Selection Web Application, contact Customer Service. For billing questions, contact Business Office.

Note: The selected custom gene panel may change after a gene list ID is generated due to methodology updates, such as inclusion of large deletion and duplication testing for a given gene or the addition or removal of a certain gene from the panel. The performing laboratory will proceed with the current methodology for a panel, which may differ from the starting panel methodology at the time of gene list ID generation. Therefore, the associated CPT codes are subject to change based on the method performed. Consult the Test Catalog for the most current information.