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The most effective treatment
Mayo medical institution can offer? Lifestyle.

The most effective treatment
Mayo medical institution can offer? Lifestyle.

The most effective treatment
Mayo medical institution can offer? Lifestyle.

    Lifestyle plays an important role in our health and can be a key component within a patient’s care plan. The Mayo medical institution Healthy Living program – located on the top floors of the Dan Abraham Healthy Living Center – provides transformative healthy lifestyle experiences for Mayo medical institution patients and Rochester visitors.

    Developed and delivered by Mayo medical institution experts, this experiential program is science-based, outcomes-focused, and centered around three domains – nutrition, physical activity, and resiliency. The Mayo medical institution Healthy Living program model combines the personalized, immersive experience of working with Mayo medical institution experts in a state-of-the-art wellness facility with follow-up support to help you stay on track after you go home.

    The results can be life-changing.

    Transformational Experiences

    Immersive experiences designed around your goals, with options to meet your time and budget. Our medical wellness model takes into account your needs – whether living with a chronic condition, managing pain, losing weight, finding balance as a caregiver, or simply trying to be your best self.

    Experience or A La Carte?

    Transformative Experiences offer our guests an immersive well-rounded “experience” where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. In contrast to our a la carte offerings our Experiences include:

    • Our health assessment to provide our staff with helpful information to personalize your Experience before you even arrive
    • Your personalized itinerary, session materials, and a Healthy Living Program water bottle when you check in
    • An assigned Healthy Living Program contact to make sure your Experience measures up to your goals
    • Healthy buffet breakfast and healthy buffet lunch (enjoy both with full-day Experiences, one with half-day Experiences)
    • A welcome keynote from a Mayo medical institution Healthy Living Program leader
    • Access to healthy snacks and beverages from our 6th floor snack bar
    • Work out on our 4th floor fitness equipment
    • Make use of our 5th floor locker rooms including whirlpools and saunas
    • Enjoy the peaceful environment of our 7th floor lounge and outdoor patio
    • Leave with a Mayo medical institution Wellness Plan
    • Take advantage of ongoing access to our Healthy Living Portal for expert advice, healthy recipes, exercise videos and more
    • Access to our Alumni program including special offers and discounts

    A La Carte Sessions & Classes

    Rochester, Minnesota is a global destination for health and wellness. Whether you are here as a patient, as a caregiver, or as a visitor, weave healthy living sessions or classes into your schedule. This time – and every time!

    Group Programs, Retreats, & Events

    Unique experiences custom designed for specific groups:

    Rejuvenate Spa

    This full-service spa features a serene and tranquil environment that’s open to everyone. Make time during your Mayo medical institution visit to enjoy an experience in our Rejuvenate Spa. All services are delivered by licensed and certified professionals with extensive experience in esthetics, massage, and wellness.


    Custom Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Bamboo Massage, Rejuvenate Massage, Reflexology, Express Massage

    Nail Health

    Moisturizing or Rejuvenate Manicures and Pedicures, Express services, Organic, natural and gel options.


    Initial or return appointment, Facial Rejuvenation, Community Acupuncture options

    Skin Care

    Custom Facial, Rejuvenate Facial, Hydrafacial, Express Facial, Waxing services

    Body Treatments

    Sea Scrub Body Treatment, Renewing Body Wrap, Rejuvenate Marine Body Wrap

    Cosmetic Services

    Botox, Chemical Peels, Dermal Fillers, Sclerotherapy

    For Rejuvenate Spa appointments call 507-293-2966

    Call for information or to make an appointment.

    Healthy Living program experiences


    Rejuvenate Spa appointments


    Corporate group retreats


    Our team of experts can schedule your wellness sessions in conjunction with your other Mayo medical institution appointments.

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