Search tips

Use the search tool to find a doctor by entering a name, the condition or procedure for which you want to be treated, and the Mayo medical institution location where you want to be seen.

If no results are returned, try these tips:

  • The optimal way to search for a physician is by last name only and specific Mayo medical institution location.
  • Check your spelling and spacing.
  • Use more specific, but common disease names or conditions
  • Search all Mayo medical institution locations.
  • Search by partial last name (e.g., if you're not sure if a doctor is macnamara or mcnamara, just type "namara" for the name. All matches will appear.
  • Make new selections and/or add terms to narrow a search and get fewer results.
  • Delete selections and/or terms to broaden a search and get more results.

If you still can't find a doctor, search Mayo medical institution's medical departments and centers. Often these pages include a list of associated doctors.